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BeeZee Bodies


BeeZee Bodies are a dedicated team of nutritionists and behaviour change experts, who can help you make real, long lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle. The organisation runs weight management and healthy lifestyle programmes for adults and families across the UK.



Beezee Families 

Beezee Families is an award-winning healthy lifestyles programme for 5-15 year olds* and their families.

Their fun-filled, family focused sessions involve exciting activities and practical healthy eating advice to help you feel great and live your best life!

Sessions are free to attend, and are held in Gloucestershire. 

*to be eligible for this free service one child in your family will be above the ideal weight for his/her age, height and sex, but the entire family are invited to attend the group!


Why Join BeeZee Families?

  • They’ll support your family to create healthy lifestyle changes that will result in a you feeling healthier and happier.

  • You’ll meet a friendly nutritionist who will make it fun to learn about healthy eating and show you how to cook tasty and nutritious meals that the whole family will love.

  • You’ll take part in fun activities together such as trampolining, canoeing, dodgeball, badminton and games.

  • You’ll make loads of new friends with other families and work together as a team and support each other to make healthy choices.



Refer a Client 

People should be able to get referred to services they need in as many places as possible. If you are working with someone who needs some support in making sustainable lifestyle changes to lose weight, you can make the referral right here, right now.

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